Now how can you avoid this one? Couple some hot wings with a little extra blue cheese and you've got yourself an excellent meal for watching the game! We've got 'em mild, medium, hot and volcanic... whichever you prefer!


Okay, now we're talking! Not in the mood for "bar food" and want something a little more substantial but don't want to pay with your first-born? Try a sizzling, juicy skirt steak to satisfy your hunger!

Mini Burgers

This one is another late night favorite! Not really hungry but you and your friends would like a bite? This is the perfect solution for you... not too much, not too little!

Philly Cheese Steak

How about a nice Philly Cheese Steak? This one is pretty popular around here. Goes great with any sports on TV and keeps you full for a long, long time!

Chicken Fingers

Like Chicken? We do... and it's even better deep-fried and boneless along with some french fries. Funny, we never knew chickens had fingers!